3 Creative ways to use t-shirts to market your brand

Having a good product or brand nowadays is not enough. You will need to find a way to market your brand so that people will actually avail of your service or buy your products.

There are many ways you can market your brand and products. Some go the traditional route and use multimedia sources like TV, newspapers, radio and the like. There's also social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where you will see businesses, small and new advertising their products. You can even partner with brand ambassadors so that your products are promoted.

T-shirts are also a good way to market your brand. Sites like https://www.teejunction.com.au/  make it easy to print custom t-shirts. You just need to have a design ready, or you can actually use their free online design tool to create your t-shirt design, place your order and they will print and send it to you right away. They even have other products like totes where you can also print out your custom design instead.

Once you have the t-shirts, here are some creative ways you can use them to market your brand.

1. Distribute it during events - a good way to make your product or brand known to your target customers in your area is to sponsor an event. This may be a charity event or tying up with another business. Make sure to distribute the t-shirts in order to be more known. Make sure the shirts have an attractive design that would entice customers to wear them. You can put the company logo and even a tagline. Don't forget to include your business address or website that potentials customers can check out. The address and website do not have to be on the shirt, but maybe you can put a tag on the t-shirt instead.

2. Bundle it with your products - aside from events, you can also include the shirts and hand it out as samples or maybe if you are promoting a new product, you can bundle the shirt with it. Who does not like getting freebies right? If giving away t-shirts might seem too expensive, you can instead hand out samples of your product and have your employees wear the custom made t-shirt instead. The shirts are a good way for people to become familiar with your brands, especially when you have your logo printed on it.

3. Do a t-shirt design contest - if you want to have your target customers involved, instead of printing our the t-shirts right away, why not make a contest out of it? Have them design their own t-shirts, and the winner gets their designs printed. Make sure to be clear with all the rules and regulations. What you can do is present your own logo design and see how your customers can add their own flair to it. Of course, make sure that your own design would still be prominent and recognizable.