How to reduce bass noise from neighbours

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Almost everyone desires a quiet and peaceful time at home, especially after a long day at work. Unfortunately, some selfish neighbors may ruin such a time by blasting their music systems. Sometimes this may lead to conflicts since you cannot relax or feel at peace in your house. The noise is also a health hazard for some people. Fortunately, there are some ways you can reduce this noise and prevent conflicts. Read on to discover how to minimize bass noise from neighbors.

  1.   Talk to your Neighbor. The first thing that you should do is to have a polite conversation with your neighbor. Some neighbors are understanding, and they may receive your pleas. You can even use this opportunity to give them some tips on how to reduce the bass. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to talk to such a neighbor if you are new. Additionally, sometimes talking to them may aggravate them and create tension between the two of you. At this point, you can approach your landlord or building management. Once they have spoken to your neighbor, you should expect a change.
  2.   Have a Clean Record. Sometimes your neighbor may play loud music to respond to your noise. Ensure that you set your music system at a moderate volume, and your neighbor may do the same. A clean record sends a strong message to those living around you. You do not want to preach water while you take wine. Behaving, in a modest manner, can make the noisy neighbor change his behavior.
  3.   Soundproof your Windows and Doors. You can opt to reduce the outside noise by soundproofing your windows and doors. Begin by identifying all the cracks and gaps around these items. Use the right sealant material such as acoustical caulk to seal all these gaps. You can also use other soundproofing materials such as soundproof curtains, window plugs, and soundproofing blankets to seal your doors and windows. You can also buy solid core doors and windows, although this will cost you a lot.
  4.   Soundproof your Walls and Ceiling. If the noise is still disturbing you, consider soundproofing the walls and ceiling. Bass sound travels through a block and concrete walls. As such, it can be the most challenging noise to stop. You have to be smart when soundproofing your walls. You can use fiberglass or foam panels on the walls, or you can build drywall to prevent the bass sound. Adding acoustic panels is the cheapest method to use.
  5.   Bass Traps. Bass traps capture noise that goes through the walls of a room. Bass traps are an effective way to soundproof your house. Bass traps absorb almost every low-frequency noise. You can go online and look for the best bass traps. You only need to place them in the corners of your room when installing them.

External noise is very annoying and soundproofing your house is an excellent idea. Consider using these tips on how to reduce bass noise from neighbours.