May the odds be ever in your favor, fella

Getting ready to place your bets for next year's Pegasus?

Pegasus World Cup is the world’s richest race where you can bet on the Grade 1 stake race for four-year old and upwards thoroughbred horses that everyone has been looking forward to in years that’s now worth 16 million dollars to the winner.

Frank Stornach announced the whole idea of the race at the Thoroughbred Owners Conference at Gulfstream Park in 2016 that lead to a successful inaugural Pegasus World Cup in 2017 crowning the horse of the year Arrogate after a commanding performance. He had held the title as the richest race in the world for several years now.

The 16 million dollar increase starting this year which is a combination of the $1 million of each of the 12 starting horse owners and the other $4 million that will be contributed by the Stornach Group. This prize pool makes it the most valuable race of the sport. The crowd of over 16,000 last year witness the tough race where there was a huge tote handle of over 15.6 million dollars.

Now, how are you going to know which is the best pick for your bet?

Pretty easy. Just look at how it is going in the odds.

The odds for the Pegasus Cup will be determined on the night through a method known as Pari Mutual betting which actually means “amongst ourselves”. This is the best way to describe Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW) which is the betting type of TVG. Common pools for each type of wager in a race are created by the amount bet on each horse or bet type.

Essentially, a bet placed by a patron is wagering against all the other people betting on the race. The odds will fluctuate depending on how much money is wagered on each horse. In simple terms, the shorter the odds means the higher the racer get the bets and most likely known and will be the winner.

This is the most recommended betting strategy especially to the new players. It is just like any other situations in life. Before you support or volunteer yourself to do a big part, first you should observe the elite players on how they do things. These players most like knows what is entirely happening out in the tracks and on the betting world. This is something a new player should learn carefully.

Remember, your bets are impossible to be just worth less than a hundred dollars which means it is still a huge amount of money on top of your bet’s head. So if you do not want to waste some money, let the Pegasus World Cup odds offered by TVG to do the works for you.

TVG has been doing their services since the Pegasus World Cup started which is why it is known to be the only and the best outlet for you to place your bets online and legally. The will present you the listing of the ranked odds that will definitely help you decide to whom you will place your money on the pot.

Remember, that there are three common ways to bet on your favourite horse. A bet to win or commonly called as a straight bet means staking most of your money to the horse, bet to place on the other hand is a player’s insurance policy. Your pot money is subject to any of the two results that could still be a win-win if you base your bet through the odds offered by TVG. Lastly, is the bet to show where your placed bet of your tough choice will not take you home on a frowning face as you will get a chance to witness the racer and win either first, second or third during the race.

Having your TVG online betting account will give you a strong undercard with ample opportunities on the day to win some money from betting, a chance for you to take part at the richest race ever through betting which is the next best thing you can be proud of yourself other than owning one of the runners in the Pegasus World Cup itself.

TVG has a full real-time race schedule and the live online coverage of any of their 150+ tracks aside from the Pegasus venue in Gulfstream Park, Florida. This online horse racing experts also provide a searchable list of all horse racing track lists, results and payout info from around the country and the world for the convenience of your betting scheme.

What’s more to this is that you will get exclusive access to an amazingly in-depth information such as expert analysis, TVG’s pick and tips, details of past performances and even race replace in their Handicapping Store. Addition to everything than has given to you and available at the store are insightful blog posts and of course in formation on betting on Pegasus World Cup and other races. They also offer live promotions and wager rewards for their members.