Spock's Beard hablan sobre la recta final de su 11º trabajo de estudio

El conjunto norte-americano SPOCK'S BEARD ha lanzado un comunicado en el que comentan el estado de su nuevo álbum, primero con el cantante de Enchant y AffectorTed Leonard.
Según palabras de Dave Meros, bajista y miembro fundador de la banda, ya está terminado un 75% y ya se hace referencia a la esperada edición limitada mediante un futuro pre-order.

La fecha de lanzamiento está prevista aproximadamente para comienzos de 2013 (enero) y la consecuente gira de presentación en febrero o marzo.
Esperamos más detalles con ganas. Si lo deseáis podéis leer el comunicado en inglés:
/// Hi Everybody!
We're seeing light at the end of the tunnel! Recording of our 11th studio CD is coming along very nicely and we're probably about 75% finished with all tracking. After that will be mixing and mastering of course, then off to the manufacturer to press all the copies that we will be offering as a Limited Edition for pre-order customers, much like we did for "X".
Speaking of the Limited Edition, we'll start taking pre-orders soon. We're getting started on that because of technical issues, but that's a completely separate deal from the recording process and we're still on track for a November or early December mailing date for the Limited Edition.
The record label release date will most likely be sometime in January, and then the plan is to do a little touring in February or March.
Of course we're still not far enough along in the process to announce these dates with 100% certainty, but if we continue at the same pace as we're going now I think we'll be OK.
Like last time, people pre-ordering the Limited Edition will receive their copy at least a month in advance of the general release date. As added incentive to pre-order, the Limited Edition will also have a bonus track that will not be included on the standard edition.
We'll have an expanded number of options available for pre-ordering including some very unique items.
Another option that we'll be offering this time is a digital download version of the CD for those who prefer that medium over the physical CD.
We're all pretty excited about how this one is shaping up, so stay tuned for more details as they develop.
- Dave ///

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