The top 4 reasons to invest in a weighted blanket

There are multiple remedies for various conditions such as anxiety and sleeplessness, ranging from medication, therapy, relaxation techniques to special diets. Weighted blankets can also be used to manage such conditions, in addition to other benefits. They are a form of covering which have a couple more pounds as compared to the regular blankets. They are specially designed to make a person’s sleeping experience much better while at the same time improving their overall physical, mental and emotional state. Below are a few reasons why you should invest in one.

1.    Reduces insomnia

One of the major benefits of investing in a weighted blanket is the fact that they improve sleep quality on a large scale. Weighted blankets simulate the activity of a person holding you and apply deep pressure to various parts of your body. This helps to stimulate the production of various hormones in the body which are known to make one calm down and relax. This creates a suitable environment for you to sleep with a lot of ease since you will not experience bouts of insomnia. Improved sleep quality will enable you to get sufficient rest which will eventually enable you to be productive the following the day.

2.    Helps one with anxiety

A large number of the population experiences and deals with conditions such as anxiety and depression. In addition to therapy and medicinal treatments, weighted blankets can also be used as a form of treatment for anxiety and such like conditions. This is because these blankets help reduce the stress levels of a person which puts them in a much better state of mind where they can be able to think clearly and handle various situations with ease. If you have a loved one dealing with anxiety, you may want to consider getting them a weighted blanket. Hush Blankets are a great source for these blankets, best suited for your particular needs.

3.    Aids in managing disorders

Besides sleep and anxiety disorders, there are other mental and behavioral disorders such as bipolar disorder, ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), Obsessive-compulsive disorder and so many others which weighted blankets can be used to assist in the treatment of. The deep pressure helps to calm these individuals down which makes it a lot easier to manage the effects caused by these disorders.

4.    Enables one to calm down

Sometimes even at the end of a long day we still end up feeling wound up and are unable to settle down and sleep. We feel as if we still have a lot of energy and we can stay up a couple more hours working on something. This, unfortunately, always ends up having an impact on our productivity the next day since we end up feeling tired in the morning. To avoid this, try sleeping in a weighted blanket since they have an effect on our nervous system and enable the body and the brain to wind down and relax. Doing this accompanied with an activity such as reading a book or listening to soothing music will guarantee maximum relaxation and calmness.